Vegan Chia Pudding

Summer is in the air and it is the perfect time for chia puddings! The chia seed is super high in omega 3, fiber and calcium and the tiny seed is a superfood. Chia puddings are super healthy and delicious as breakfast, lunch, a snack or dessert. Stay healthy, eat good and consume your fibers with this delicious chia pudding.

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Vegan Chocolate Protein Bowl

Protein bowls are super easy to make and one of the easiest ways to consume your protein for breakfast or lunch. Have your mixer ready and you´re good to go. The recipe is made for two servings.

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Raspberry Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie bowls is the perfect breakfast and lunch for summer. Our Raspberry smoothie bowl is one for the books and it is super easy to make and it´s super yummy. Make sure you have any kind of mixer and you´re good to go.

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