6 Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Published on 22 April 2020 at 20:34

Each humans carbon footprint is a part of the global climate crisis, here are 10 ways on how to reduce your carbon footprint.

Buy Local and Eat your Vegetables.

By eating local, plant based or organic food, you will not only reduce your carbon footprint, but you will also improve your own health. Furthermore, when eating a plant based diet, you will save 1100 gallons of water per day, 30 square feet of forest land and one animals life. Just by substituting chicken over beef while help reduce your carbon footprint.  

Reduce Waste.

This one is obvious, but important. Purchase items with less packaging or no packaging at all. Always bring your own bags and containers to the store and always buy from the bulk section.  Re-using bottles, cleaning spray bottles and other items is key. Do not use unnecessary paper and use a bamboo microfiber cloth to clean instead of paper or cleaning wipes. Remember to recycle!

Public Transport.

Leave your car at home as often as you can, rather use your bike, the metro, the bus  or carpool with your colleagues or classmates. Researchers have proven that by taking a public transport like the bus back and forth to work is reducing stress. So, reduce stress and you carbon footprint by leaving your car at home as often as you can!

Be Energy Efficient.

By Purchasing energy efficient appliances, replacing the light bulbs in your home with LED´s is a great way of reducing the carbon footprint in your home. Never leave with your home with lights or the airconditioning on. If you can, also unplug the the WIFI at night. These small changes is helping the environment a lot more than people know of. 

Plant a Native Garden. 

By growing native plants, you will not need to use expensive chemical fertilizers or herbicides. These yards also require less water and maintenance than traditional lawns. Planting and gardening your own vegetables is also a great way of saving money and unnecessary plastic packaging. Planting your own vegetables does not require a lot of space nor water. Whom does not want to cook with their own grown plants?

Thrift Your Way of Life.

What is there not to love about thrifting? It is fun, cheap and eco-friendly. You can thrift anything and everything. Whenever in need of a new table, chair, couch, pair of jeans, go take a look at your local thrift shop first, buy from a friend or try fixing your old garments. Second hand clothes are a big step toward reducing you carbon footprint. One pair of brand new jeans need 700 gallons of water to be produced, so think twice next time you´re in desperately need of something brand new.

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